The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) state:

“11.3 The psychotherapist undertakes not to make or support unjustifiable statements relating to particular therapies or therapists or include testimonials from clients in any advertising material.”

– UKCP Ethical Principles and Code of Professional Conduct

‘The reasons for this are multiple, but not least because the therapeutic relationship is confidential and unique. As I follow the professional and ethical codes set out by my accrediting organisation I cannot post psychotherapy client testimonials here. If you are interested in the way I work, I would encourage you to book a free initial consultation.

If you would like to get a feel of me from what other people have experienced, a number of attendees have written comments from various workshops and circles I have held as a facilitator. They do not offer a clear image of the experiences of psychotherapy clients, unfortunately, but they may be informative or helpful if you are trying to establish perceptions of me. 

I take confidentiality in these workshops very seriously which is why the comments are without any names. I also have a strict no photography policy to protect the identity of the attendees and allow the freedom to explore very sensitive issues. I do however allow photos of the space at the beginning or end of the workshops which you can see on social media if you are interested in seeing the spaces I use.’

– Jasmine Jarchevska, BA (Hons), Dip. Psych., UKCP Accred.

Jasmine is a very warm, welcoming, nurturing, intuitive, empathic, gifted, beautiful, calming lady. She also has a very soothing voice which really helps when she takes us on a guided journey as she never rushes, she gives a feeling of ease which allows us the time to unfold. Her ease graces her workshops and she gracefully moves to different activities with a sense of flow, having a clear structure underlying, but allowing us in a time frame to experience different colours of the prism she facilitates. The setting is gorgeous and sumptuous and serene in simplicity also. The top floor space feels like a ritual space with soft lighting, candles, drum, crystals, it’s a space that honours the journey and doesn’t distract from it. There is comfortable seating and a bathroom that plays soft music. Jasmine also has very good background soft music during the workshop and each song seems to mingle well with the different activities, this attention to detail and her aesthetic tastes are very pleasing. I feel pampered. Jasmine is a star and feel truly blessed to have crossed her path, she has enabled my healing journey back to myself and continues to do so with her wonderful workshops and her insights and knowledge in general. She is a true healer who works from the heart, a special nature and gift she possesses. Jasmine is a chalice ever flowing and receiving in gods grace. – Female, 38, London

I have found an amazing sisterhood by attending the book club organised by Nurse The Soul. Jasmine has brought together a group of different women seeking to understand themselves and has created a community full of support, warmth and listening. The journey is a spiral towards understanding oneself but also a fertile ground for understanding another. I highly recommend this book club to any woman who wants to understand herself. – Female, United Arab Emirates

Jasmine’s way of working leaves one with a sense of hope, gratitude, and home. One is always left feeling lighter and more whole – even when looking at deep, significant and triggering challenges. Because the space allows you to listen to your own inner knowing and discover the practical tools required for your unique journey, courage is fostered and profound truths are uncovered. Thank you Jasmine for always hosting such beautiful group spaces, defined by compassionate shared discovery. – Female, 26, Grahamstown, South Africa 

It was beyond words, but powerful is how I feel afterwards… Thank you so much for the workshop! Honestly life changing. – Female, 23, Hackney

Jasmine’s groups have helped me connect with my inner feminine. I didn’t know that it was repressed, let alone the magic that would come from connecting on such an intimate level. The community and support provided by the group on this interpersonal journey acts as daily inspiration and allows me to continue to grow. Come share in the magic and let Jasmine open you to new horizons. Don’t settle for your life as is, dive deep and get to known your inner goddess. – Female, 27, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Nurse The Soul book clubs leave me feeling grounded, connected and empowered. The safe space Jasmine creates along with her warmth, knowledge and intuition have offered me a new perspective on life, a new way to experience the world. I am so glad I connected with Jasmine and found the Nurse The Soul community. – Female, 24, Richmond

This is the second time I have attended a full moon workshop with Jasmine. I can honestly say that both evenings have been incredible. I have left feeling energised, positive, calm and very relaxed. Jasmine has a wonderful way about her, not only is the environment cosy and safe, she is very, very calming and knowledgeable. I cannot recommend this workshop enough. – Female, 35, Richmond

I found Nurse The Soul through Instagram and straight away was drawn to the space and the topics of the workshops offered. I attended Connecting With Your Feminine Flow workshop. It was absolutely amazing, completely what I have been looking for. Jasmine is a warm beautiful soul with a qualification in psychotherapy. She is an excellent listener and makes you feel comfortable easily. I have been looking for a modern women’s circle for a while and now finally found it. I will be a regular workshop visitor from now on. – Female, 35, Pimlico

I am a 27 year old female from London, I found this group unexpectedly on instagram and have been attending this group for 9 weeks now. Every week we meet up and I discover another part of myself that has been broken or supressed. We put pieces back together and bring them to the surface to heal. We do this together and show each other support in a whatsapp group, for you are never alone. For every woman that finds this group will find a treasure. – Female, 27, London

Jasmine’s New Moon ceremony rejuvenated me with a sense of strength, trust and excitement for the coming season. Thank you. – Female, 27, Shepherd’s Bush

Jasmine holds such an incredibly grounding, insightful, playful and unconditionally accepting Book Club space. As a healer and coach myself it is such a pleasure to enter this Women’s Circle being able to fully put down my teaching roles, stepping into my child self and soaking up the learnings from the communal wisdom and truly authentic sharing offered in the space. Jasmine gives more than expected at each session, allowing everyone to leave feeling truly held and heard, inspired, connected and overflowing with joy! If you are looking for connection and compassion, with a little sprinkle of laughter and light, this is the place for you. – Female, 26, Grahamstown, South Africa 

Jasmine is utterly divine. I have done a lot of group work with her. She cares a lot about each participant and goes the extra mile to think of all the small details to create a nurturing space. I had never tried some of the methods she used before and we were able to locate some really interesting ideas and thoughts within ourselves. I loved hearing the other women in my group speak too, listening to their interpretations of the exercises or readings was insightful and helpful to understand that my perspective is not the only one. – Female, 30, London

Jasmine’s workshops are always beyond my expectations because she gives so thoughtfully, abundantly and insightfully from the heart. This is a creative experience that is insightful and magical. Jasmine explores this with guided meditations, visualisations with a shamanic vibe, drawing our visions. Cards for divination, dancing to connect to our feminine flow and our bodies, writing, howling as wolves, everything echoes to connect to our feminine intuition to play with it explore and journey with it as deep knowing lays there. It’s showing me how to come home to the timeless part of me that is being a woman. And the intuitive gifts we possess that lie in an invisible realm that manifest through these creative activities… I always feel safe, Jasmine always introduces the purpose of the workshop and opens for questions before starting, because she carries the evening with so much warmth, guidance and intuition and awareness of others and the naturalness of the activities we engage in I feel held in loveliness and that I’m guided to a place of deeper awareness and healing. Jasmine even provided polar bear socks for comfort and rose scented salts for a bath as part of a blessing ceremony we did to take home, also a chart to explain the cycles in the moon in relation to women’s natures and how to nurture, honour the different energy times of the month. Emirates watch and learn. – Female, 38, London