Psychotherapeutic Consultancy

At Nurse The Soul we offer psychotherapeutic consultancy for people who need support with their work or businesses. From therapists to healing practitioners, yogis, nutritional therapists, business owners, managers, teachers and people working with children… whatever your background we are here to hold space for you. We also can support anyone that may want to start a psychotherapy training and look into the options with you.

These sessions are with Jasmine, founder of Nurse The Soul and Psychotherapist. Jasmine is extremely creative and intuitive and uses these skills to aid you in understanding yourself. In a short time you will understand what is needed from deep within you to develop in the area you are struggling. Jasmine will allow your creativity to flow, ground you to focus, ignite your fire to make decisions and bring in clarity to know your direction. 

The space can also be to understand what’s keeping you stuck by using creative imagination and depth psychology. These sessions can be meditative, heated, creative, practical and/or deeply emotional to get to the core of what you are coming for. Jasmine will work with you reflecting what you want, who you are at a soul level and see where your specialism lies so you can leave with a knowing and direction. 

Jasmine also trained at the CCPE so if you are on a CCPE training she can mentor you with the training and private practice. These sessions can help you start a profitable private practice, teach you how to build a client base and move through any blocks you may have, whether it’s confidence building, old beliefs or financial fears.

The sessions for Psychotherapeutic Consultancy can be as often as you like but if you are a new client we do usually suggest a minimum of six over whatever time span you like, ie weekly, biweekly or monthly.

To begin Psychotherapeutic Consultancy we require that you have an initial consultation first. This is free of charge and lasts up to 50 minutes either face to face or via video call. This is so that the techniques can be discussed before we work with them, the client understands their use and we can see they are willing to embrace them. After the consultation we will usually begin the following week with sessions. 

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