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I have found an amazing sisterhood by attending the book club organised by Nurse The Soul. Jasmine has brought together a group of different women seeking to understand themselves and has created a community full of support, warmth and listening. The journey is a spiral towards understanding oneself but also a fertile ground for understanding another. I highly recommend this book club to any woman who wants to understand herself. – Female, United Arab Emirates

Nurse The Soul runs an online therapeutic reading group on Zoom. Join us using either audio or video for a group exploration of the book we are journeying with.

There is no reading outside the group as we read the book together

You can either participate and share your thoughts on the reading, relate it to your own personal experience or just listen along to the discussion and hear other people’s journeys as food for the soul. You’ll also be able to ask questions to the other group members and the psychotherapist leading the group.  

You may join in the middle of a current book

Started 9.1.2022

Meeting The Madwoman, Empowering the Feminine Spirit, Breaking Through Fear and Destructive Patterns to a Balanced and Creative Life – Linda Schierse Leonard

The Madwoman is a powerful psychological and emotional energy that lives in us all–both men and women–and speaks to us all, inhabiting our dreams, our lives, our collective cultural memory. Ignored or suppressed, she becomes a force of self-destruction; acknowledged and understood, she becomes a source of creativity and power. In this remarkable and revolutionary book, Linda Schierse Leonard explores how we can overcome the inner turmoil of contemporary life–unexpressed rage, the buildup of guilt and anxiety–by harnessing this primal expression of our natural instincts.

Mondays 12.30-1.45pm UK time on Zoom

Please be aware of clocks changing if you live abroad due to daylight savings

Term Dates

Spring Term 2022

Monday 3 January – Friday 1 April

Half Term: Monday 14 to Sunday 20 February

Summer Term 2022

Monday 18 April – Friday 22 July

Half Term: Monday 30 May to Sunday 5 June

Autumn Term 2022

Monday 5 September – Friday 9 December

Half Term: Monday 17 October to Sunday 23 October

Spring Term 2023

Monday 9 January – Friday 31 March

Half Term: Monday 13 to Friday 17 February

Summer Term 2023

Monday 17 April – Friday 14 July

Half Term: Monday 29 May to Friday 2 June

Autumn Term 2023

Monday 4 September – Friday 15 December

Half Term: Monday 16 October to Friday 20 October

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that dates remain unchanged, Nurse The Soul reserves the right to make adjustments if circumstances require. 

This group is a therapeutic and creative book club with sharing on personal process and optional creative activities dotted through the year such as bodywork, rituals, mask making, artwork, music, dance and guided visualisations.

Who can join?

Any woman that has an interest in developing their creativity and power. Any woman interested in Jungian depth psychology or has experience of psychotherapy. 

Who is the facilitator?

This group is run by Transpersonal Integrative psychotherapist, Jasmine Jarchevska. To read more about Jasmine click here. We also occasionally have guest psychotherapists joining the discussion or leading from time to time.

What happens in a session?

The format of the group is that we usually begin with breathing or a guided visualisation. We then usually spend about 10 minutes reading together before opening the circle for sharing. The sharing is based on using what we read as a prompt for discussion and also a space to share how we are and how our week has been. At the end we invite you to spend time during the week reflecting either in a diary, doing artwork, tracking dreams, writing myths/ poetry/ stories or noticing synchronicities relating to what we read. This invitation for homework is optional. We also have a WhatsApp group for connection, discussion and sharing with each other during the week, joining this is optional.

What will I need?

We do recommend that you purchase your own copy and keep it near you for highlighting and making your own notes however it is not essential. Keep a pen and journal close by too for reflections. You will need a pair of earphones or headphones to help offset background noise. Get comfy blankets, pillows and cushions – somewhere snuggly like a bed or sofa. Light some candles, incense or use essential oils to create a sacred ritual space. Make a cup of tea and glass of water. You are more than welcome to lay out your favourite oracle or tarot card decks and wear comfy clothes, pyjamas are definitely favoured on cold winter evenings!

How does it work technically?

The group will be held on Zoom, which will need to be downloaded onto the device you will join us with (phone/laptop). We also have a WhatsApp group for connection and sharing throughout the month which you may be invited to after a chat with Jasmine.

What is the cost? 

These circles are free of charge and held as an offering from Jasmine. They do not replace individual therapy, sometimes they are the start of it, sometimes they are for after long term work to stay connected. What they do offer is the chance for anyone interested in soul work to be involved. If you’d like to make a donation you are welcome to on our Support Our Work page however it is not required.

How do I join?

To be a part of this group please fill out the contact form below. We’ll get back to you via email with all the details. If you have any questions before you sign up please email us at

Please note, all our groups are very thought through, protected and confidentially must be respected. We have a no recording policy to protect your identity and give you the freedom to participate safely.

We look forward to reading with you soon


Please note, if you have not heard back from us within 48 hours please check your spam folder or junk mail, email us directly at or send a text message, iMessage or WhatsApp to +447545913193.

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