☽ observations about the moon signs ☾


*** these are strictly my observations based on the people in my life!

ARIES: aggressive and very protective over their ego. if anyone offends them, they will start a fight, whether it be physical or verbal. can be very argumentative and loves to prove other people wrong. generally has a big and generous heart but if you take advantage of their kindness, they will immediately turn their backs on you. can be quite childish; throws a fit when things don’t go their way. typically into video games, sports, and politics – anything that allows them to engage in competition. 

TAURUS: very reliable and relaxed. not the type of person who likes loud or crowded areas; would much prefer to stay at home reading a book or watching a movie. they are not easily angered, but if pushed to that point, they can easily hold a grudge and give you the cold shoulder. often feels underappreciated. can have a traditional/old-fashioned way of thinking or perceiving things. likes dainty accessories and jewelry. 

GEMINI: typically very smart without having to put much effort into studying – they absorb information like a sponge. fascinated with history, space, and disassembling then reassembling things. most likely into poetry, singing, or writing. like aries, they are great debaters, but if you cross them, they will deliberately hurt you with their words. very curious and loves picking at people’s brains to understand them better but can be turned off at any small imperfection/flaw that they see.

CANCER: their hearts and minds are one; decision-making can often be hard for them as they constantly want to please everyone around them. sacrificing to the point of neglecting their own wants and needs. usually good with babies and animals; gets along best with those who’re older than them. can often feel as if they are carrying the burden of the world on their shoulders. has a talent for creative writing, drawing, and music. dreams often and has strangely accurate gut feelings. finds comfort in sweets. 

LEO: loves to have a lot of friends and enjoys attention/compliments. like cancer, they can be quite upset if their emotional needs are not met. can be quite vain about their appearance and puts in a lot of effort to look good on a daily basis. has a good sense of humor and a strong, clear voice. family-oriented and has close relationship with their parents. usually very good dancers. can be a total weeb and probably has a lot of anime posters in their room. 

VIRGO: super practical individuals; they know the fastest and most efficient solutions and can solve problems easily. usually pretty good drivers. has a knack for organizing, cooking, and cleaning. can be judgmental of others but even more so critical of themselves. hides and represses any negative feelings (loneliness, sadness, anger, jealousy) as they don’t want to burden their loved ones. relatively shy when it comes to dating. has an unusual sleeping schedule. 

LIBRA: usually a lot closer to their friends than they are to their families, as many have issues at home. loves to dress up for work or school, and usually receives compliments for doing so. they can be quite moody and shut off. dedicates a lot of their time to singing or acting – many are involved in theater programs. doesn’t like confrontation and often evades their problems. unlike their stereotype, libra moons can be awkward flirters. 

SCORPIO: very sharp-minded individuals. super attentive and caring; puts their loved ones first. determined to succeed in life. usually pretty good at math. their passion can come off as intimidating and over-bearing to many. natural-born leaders. you’ll always feel like there is something you don’t know about them. extremely loyal and will fight for you until the end, as long as you don’t betray their trust. fascinated with death, aliens, and crime shows. 

SAGITTARIUS: usually very open-minded; gets quite annoyed when people are judgemental towards others. will be quick to shut someone down if they are not factually correct. has a loud goofy laugh. cracks a lot of vulgar jokes and makes a lot of meme references. very goal-oriented and loves to make money. makes friends pretty easily. can be impatient and quite nit-picky about their food.

CAPRICORN: soft-spoken at first, but once engaged in a debate related to their passions, they can be quite argumentative. smart and capable individuals who enjoy researching and learning new things. probably wears glasses and has a relatively minimalistic style. quite good at comforting their friends. has a logical approach to everything. because of their calculated nature, cap moons can be quite manipulative although not many notice this. 

AQUARIUS: very good at managing others at work. quick-minded and fast with their hands; usually very good gamers. loves loud music, especially rap or EDM/trap. if crossed, they can ignore you for eternity if you don’t speak to them first. can be reckless drivers. has an easy time cutting toxic people out of their lives. often gives off a closed-off demeanor as they don’t share many aspects of their personal lives even if you are close to them.

PISCES: surprisingly good at public speaking. can be super convincing and persuasive. seems to absorb most of their surroundings, picking up the habits of their close friends/family. like cancer, pisces moons have a hard time making decisions because they absolutely hate hurting others. loves romance but has a difficult time accepting the reality and the difficulties of a relationship. has effortlessly nice hair that many envy.