Goal Setting Templates

Dreamy souls,

With Saturn retrograding in the sky right now Goal Setting seems to be on a lot of people’s minds so I’m sharing with you my Goal Setting template. 

As you start this exercise you may find some areas difficult to think about or experience some feelings, sensations or behaviours. Gently notice what you experience and ask yourself what you need. 

There are many ways to work towards achieving what you desire. Sometimes through simply just talking it all through, sometimes through deep guided energy release exercises, sometimes through active imagination, sometimes through support and accountability and sometimes through creative work (to name a few). I am very quick at reading people, hearing you, and opening the space to what you need so just message me if you want some time together. Either for just one session or as a focus over the summer. 

Remember no dream is too big ✨

J x 

What’s on this June

Dear Soul Family and the Wolf Pack,

The past few months have been magical with so many of you committing to the inner work and deep diving into understanding the personal and collective shadow.

For those of you who haven’t been able to make our May sessions, we’ve been studying intuition and the life-death-life cycle in Women Who Run With The Wolves. Through this process we’ve been connecting with our inner Baba Yaga and awakening to the great powers of inner seeing, inner hearing, inner sensing and inner knowing. Much of this has been done through sharing, writing, getting creative and even up cycling! This group has developed into a powerful sisterhood, there are only a few spaces left for those interested in joining.

In our Sunday group we’ve been reflecting on the myths of Persephone, The Handless Maiden and Inanna to understand our own shadow projections and why we have denied our own beauty and independence. Through sharing and reading ‘Rape and the Demon Lover’ we’ve been untangling the masculine and feminine qualities in our parents, lovers and within ourselves. Looking at the difference between rape and ravishment, we’ve been understanding the ways our own feminine has been psychically raped and how to say yes to ravishment for transformation.

In our Alchemical Peer Supervision group our ‘quaternity’ of budding alchemists have been on a four week depth study of mortificatio too, one of the seven main alchemical operations. Working through the death cycle across these groups, reflecting on what’s been going on in the collective over the past few months and turning inwards to my own personal process has given me a much richer understanding of the importance of this stage. 

And now for new life as what follows mortificatio is always growth, rebirth and resurrection… as voted for in our New Nurse The Soul Chat Room, here are some new offerings taking place over the next month. Please do sign up as there is limited space. 

This Saturday 6th June 6.30-8.30pm Healing The Inner Child And Working Towards A Conscious Relationship Workshop
Using creative tools, spirit animals and guided visualisation this workshop will address how to work towards a conscious relationship. We will spend time with the inner child, exploring abandonment wounds, intimacy fears and address how to develop the tools to self care when compulsive responses come up. This space will help you separate and understand what actually happens vs what we experience happening when our childhood wound is running the show. We will also focus on what is needed in order to feel safe being relationship.
Weekly on Tuesdays 7pm The Dreamers, Eight Week Experiential Dream Course Starting Soon
Nurse The Soul is starting a new 8 week candlelit dream circle for understanding dreams using depth psychology, jungian analysis, sufi mysticism and shamanic practice. Those who follow their dreams are on a spiritual path and allowing their soul to enter the treasure chamber. We have created this circle to catch the richness of our dreams together. The space will be for encountering messages from the deeper source and revealing the unconscious essence. Weekly we will bring dreams, dreams that are untouched and that we are ready to unfold in the company of those attending. As a group we will use guided visualisation and creative work to bring the dream into the physical realm for the purpose of awakening.
Sunday 21st June 2.30-4.30pm The Father Daughter Relationship Online Workshop
This group is the love child of me and my time over the past couple of weeks watching White Lines on Netflix. It’s had mixed reviews. I personally loved it. Partly because of Ibiza and the music but I also thought the Oedipal subplot between Oriol and Conchita was portrayed incredibly well in a modern context. I’ve wanted to run a workshop on the Electra complex for a while and watching this inspired me to bring this together.

And if you’d like to join the Book Clubs there is still space. We meet at the following times weekly but you’re welcome to join 15 minutes before the starting time where I usually am drumming, giving card readings or just open for a chats and questions before we start.

Every Thursday 6.30pm Women Who Run With The Wolves Therapeutic Book Club
Every Sunday 6pm Addiction To Perfection Therapeutic Book Club
Just click on the buttons or reply to this email if you’d like to join any of the groups. As always, I look forward to being your midwife as you birth your soul into this life.

With love,


Death and Separation


In one of our book clubs we are reading about death and separation.


This is a deeply moving mortificatio song. Mortificatio, meaning killing and death, is the stage in alchemy before the whitening.

In native american culture buffalo was dismembered (separated) and bones were used for marrow, skins for tipis and moccasins and water bags, hooves for cups, fat as soap, tongue as a hairbrush, tail as a flyswat and even dried buffalo dung was used for fires. Buffalo symbolises abundance, it gives life.

It is important to stay with the theme of death and darkness before running towards the light. Be patient as you dismember yourself. Sow your seeds deep into the dark, wet, soil and the abundant harvest will come. The more we go into our darkness, and into our own shadow, the more we will be able to access our light. It is important to not bypass the depth of this stage, we always have a shadow side that we can go further into so we must stay with it when it calls.

I find reading about Inanna’s descent into the underworld very soothing when I am moving through mortificatio. I take my time feeling my way through what seven parts of myself I want to leave behind as Inanna passes through the seven gates and removes her seven layers. If I am bleeding during this stage I collect my blood in a moon cup and pour it on the soil as a ritual to honour the shadow side of fertility and to receive blessings from the earth mother.

‘Black is a promise that you will soon know something you did not know before.’ – Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Full Moon in Scorpio

Happy full moon in Scorpio and 3rd Super Moon in a row!! Super strong rebirth at the moment. Just as Scorpios can shed their old skin, so can we. Symbolically, this shedding of skin means rebirth and transformation. Leaving behind all that no longer serves us and closing doors to open new ones. 

~ Reemerging process

~ Release deeply-rooted subconscious fears of intimacy

~ Deep emotions

~ Major soul growth and transformation

~ Intimate connections

~ Death and rebirth

~ Mystical sensations

~ Raw and intense sexual energy

~ Magic is alive in you

~ Let the truth set you free

~ Ask and you will receive

~ Love beyond limits

~ Replacing superficial dynamics with loyalty and depth

~ Intuition on point

Here is a song I encourage you to play on repeat today at full volume!!! https://open.spotify.com/track/7KRXr3joGNEmGy5jBM5hlY?si=zu9L5qghStehHKc8ex13kg 

For those that want to join the wolf group we are meeting at 6.30 today. Join at 6.15-6.30pm for drumming, Fiona will be leading this today. Bring your drums, rattles or just listen to the sounds of rebirth as we invoke Papatuanuku. Message for link and password.