Friday 5th May Eclipse

Those who will be most affected by the eclipse today will be the ones with:

  • Scorpio and Taurus Placements in their birth chart
  • Scorpio or Taurus as their Annual Profection year
  • Sun or Moon as Chart Ruler
  • Sun or Moon as Ruling Planet from Profection year
  • Scorpio or Taurus in Personal Progressed calendar

Also check out your Venus placement (as Venus rules Taurus) and your Mars (ancient) and Pluto (modern) placements (as Mars and Pluto rules Scorpio).

This moon is also part of Saros cycle 141. The last time the moon was in the same Saros Cycle was April 24 2005, before April 14 1987. Sometimes the same themes that were going on for you on the previous Saros Cycle time will come up for you.

This Scorpio moon also started in November 23 2022. On Nov 23rd 2022 we had a NEW MOON in Scorpio, now we have a FULL MOON in Scorpio. This means any intentions set at the NEW MOON in Scorpio last November, will be illuminated around this time.

Of course there was also a NEW MOON in Taurus on April 20th, and now we have a FULL MOON. So in the moon’s monthly cycle we also have whatever intentions we set at the previous new moon also coming to light now.

On eclipses: As the last new moon was a Solar Eclipse, and this full moon is a Lunar Eclipse, it means we are in ‘eclipse season’. This is a really swirly whirly time! Eclipses are big energy and trigger big change, the ancients used to fear them! It’s a time of closing a door. Sadly my baby cat Tutti died on the May eclipse in 2022. This isn’t to say the most dreadful things will always happen to us every eclipse, but it is really powerful energy.