If you eat something, PLEASE, DO NOT PURPOSELY throw it back up. You will hurt yourself.


So you’ve binged?

i know you feel like a disgusting piece of shit but i promise you’re not. Try to avoid purging if you can, it doesn’t really help and will just make you feel worse. Get some baggy pajamas and a nice cup of green tea (if you can add honey it’ll help calm your stomach) snuggle in bed with your pets or favorite pillows/plushies and do something to distract yourself. Some good options are, watching TV, talking to someone on the phone, reading, listening to a podcast, or even just having a nap. If you really want to exercise you can do some light yoga, but trust me a heavy workout will just make you feel sick. Now, don’t go straight into fasting! it will totally mess your metabolism up, you need to start at a calorie limit that’s as high as you can manage and slowly work yourself down day by day, it’s gonna be okay. You’re beautiful and worthy even if you’re not at your ugw yet…you’ll get there some day 🌸✨🥰⭐️🧸