self-harm is (but not limited to):




• making yourself sleep deprived
• making yourself cold (not wearing warm clothes in the winter, sleeping without a blanket etc)
• not eating
• not drinking
• eating too much
• not looking before crossing the street
• scratching
• letting your skin be dry & break easily
• picking at skin
• over-exercising
• substance abuse
• over-working yourself
• making yourself go out and do things even though you’re exhausted
• putting yourself in anxiety-inducing situations (even if you have a choice to stay out of them)
• triggering yourself
• purposefully angering someone who you know will yell at you
• entering relationships you don’t want to be in/being around people you don’t want to be around
• having sex when you don’t want to
• setting yourself punishments
• not giving yourself time
• not letting yourself spend time with the people you love & know will be good to you

stop assuming that self-harm is visible and easy to notice.

Oh my goodness I actually didn’t know that a lot of things on this list counted as self harm. Like I will do a lot of those when I’m upset or angry at myself, but I’ll just frame it in my head as “not doing nice stuff for myself because I don’t deserve it” instead of “not doing really important things like eating because I’m angry/sad/scared and want to be self-destructive”

Thanks very much for this, this is something I need to remember when I’m struggling.

People need to know this