Full Moon in Scorpio

Happy full moon in Scorpio and 3rd Super Moon in a row!! Super strong rebirth at the moment. Just as Scorpios can shed their old skin, so can we. Symbolically, this shedding of skin means rebirth and transformation. Leaving behind all that no longer serves us and closing doors to open new ones. 

~ Reemerging process

~ Release deeply-rooted subconscious fears of intimacy

~ Deep emotions

~ Major soul growth and transformation

~ Intimate connections

~ Death and rebirth

~ Mystical sensations

~ Raw and intense sexual energy

~ Magic is alive in you

~ Let the truth set you free

~ Ask and you will receive

~ Love beyond limits

~ Replacing superficial dynamics with loyalty and depth

~ Intuition on point

Here is a song I encourage you to play on repeat today at full volume!!! https://open.spotify.com/track/7KRXr3joGNEmGy5jBM5hlY?si=zu9L5qghStehHKc8ex13kg 

For those that want to join the wolf group we are meeting at 6.30 today. Join at 6.15-6.30pm for drumming, Fiona will be leading this today. Bring your drums, rattles or just listen to the sounds of rebirth as we invoke Papatuanuku. Message for link and password.