Saturday 28th December 2019, 3-5pm

For all wives, fiancées and girlfriends of partners with ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, widowed, separated, divorced, still married, children and step children alike.

The archetype of the evil stepmother is rife within fairytales and yet we are living in a society with a 50% divorce rate. Break ups happen, people change and people frequently start a new relationship after a commitment to a previous partner. It’s most often complicated but when the intricacies are ignored and unprocessed the dark side of the archetype unravels with a great force. This wounds the new relationship, creates a breeding ground for codependency, and is harmful to the children involved.

So what is the place of the stepmother or second wife? How can she take her seat next to the throne of her king as the true queen. What is the place of the ex-partner in your partner’s life, and in yours? Stories teach us that history will repeat itself, that the mother is the madonna and the new girlfriend is the whore or that the stepmother figure is the evil queen. This translates in the psyche to worry, envy and fear and leaves the new relationship in vast comparison to the old. When children are involved it leaves them internalising a split of the feminine. If the ex-partner hasn’t worked on herself and moved on there are many envious attacks one needs to learn to protect oneself from.

This group will be a place where the fairytale of the heroine within the stepmother or second wife comes alive. We will journey with archetypal stories as well as discuss very real life issues such as: * The price of scorn
* How the previous relationship still has an impact
* Finances
* Boundaries
* Affairs and secrecy
* Responsibility and sacrifices
* Building healthy relationships with the kids
* Time sharing and pace
* Competition, comparison, envy and jealousy * Not repeating the same mistakes
* Insecurities
* Roles * Anxieties and traps
* Trust
* Building a solid, loving and supportive long term relationship

For more information send us a message or go to (at Notting Hill)