Bye-Bye Bad Vibes



This spell was originally posted by Areli Gil

This is a long time practice in my family, my grandmother was a Curandera (healer) in Mexico.
Lemons are thought of as trapping negative energy, and purifying the air/area.
You can do this many ways, the lemon should be cut across diagonally and horizontally, as you slice the skin place your intentions for your lemon, to draw out negativity.
Use 1-3 lemons, place them on your bed stand to absorb negative energies overnight from you and your dreams.
If using them as protection: place your bowl of cut lemons under your bed.
For additional protection place salt around them, blessing the salt as you pour them. Feel free to personalize the salt bowl for your needs – the bowl shown has eucalyptus and bay leaves added.
I leave my lemon until it feels done. Some instruct one lemon per night, or until the lemon turns brown.
Do not touch the lemon, put the whole bowl into the earth or in a bag and dispose off your property.