💫The Five Elements💫

When people think of “the elements,” they’re probably thinking of the typical earth, air, water, and fire, but they don’t think of the fifth element, nor do they think about the stats of the elements or even the power behind them. This post is meant to go into detail about the five elements, and I hope that I (and my excessive reasearch, lol) are of use to you! 💛




The Earth element is the one most closely linked with our physical world, and the densest of all the elements. It is the foundation on which the other elements, and is a receptive energy, helping us to accept responsibility and bringing to our attention limitations in our makeup. It is represented in the forms of burying objects in the earth, herbalism, and making images out of wood or stone. Spells that benefit from the element are business-related spells, fertility-related spells, prosperity-related spells, and stability-related spells.

🍄Represents: strength, abundance, stability, prosperity, wealth and femininity

🌿Gender: Female

🍄Direction: North

🌿Energy: Receptive

🍄Symbols: Rocks, fields, soil, salt, caves, clay

🌿Pentagram Placement: lower left

🍄Goddesses: Ceres, Demeter, Gaea, Mah, Nephtys, Persephone, Rhea

🌿Gods: Adonis, Athos, Arawn, Cernunnos, Dionysus, Mardyk, Pan, Tammuz

🍄Spirits: gnomes, dwarves, trolls

🌿Time: midnight, night

🍄Cycle Of Life: age

🌿Season: winter

🍄Colours: Black, Green, yellow, brown

🌿Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

🍄Sense: touch

🌿Stones and Jewels: Rock crystal, emerald, onyx, jasper, salt, azurite, amethyst, quartz

🍄Magick Tools: Pentacle, Pentagram, salt, images, stones, gems, cords

🌿Metals: iron, lead

🍄Herbal: ivy, grains, oats, rice, patchouli, lichens

🌿Trees: Cypress, Honeysuckle, Jasmin, Lilac (some say Lilac is Water)

🍄Animals: cow, bull, dog, horse, ant, bear, wolf

🌿Instruments: drums and percussion

🍄Type Of Magick: Gardening, magnet images, stone (jewel divination, work with crystals), knot, Binding, money spells, grounding, finding treasures, runes

🌿Ritual Action: Burying, making clay effigies, planting trees or herbs

🍄Chant to Invoke:

“Here and now

I invoke the elemental force of earth

I call to the swirling dust

And dawn lit mountains,

To the farmer’s field

and all the swaying trees

You that remains solid

You that teaches of quiet stability

You that holds us firm against your skin.

I call your body here to infuse my intention

With your boundless gifts.

I call you here to fashion the spirit cavern,

Root my will in your soil,

and ground my purpose in the stones

Boulder and gravel

Redwood and rose

Earth, I call to thee.“




Air governs the realm of the mind and all mental activity, it is the most ethereal of the elements. As it is the element of the wind, it governs all movement. Air is represented in the forms of tossing objects into the wind, aromatherapy, songs, and hiding things in high places. It rules spells involving travels, instruction, freedom, knowledge, discovering lost items, and can also be used to develop psychic faculties. Air also rules the visualization.

🌬Represents: the mind and intelligence, communication, telepathy, psychic powers, inspiration, imagination, ideas, knowledge, dreams and wishes

🌪Gender: Masculine

🌬Direction: east

🌪Energy: projective

🌬Symbols: Sky, wind, breezes, clouds, feathers, breath, vibrations, smoke, plants, herbs, trees, flowers

🌪Pentagram Placement: upper left

🌬Goddesses: Aradia, Arianrhod, Cardea, Nuit, Urania

🌪Gods: Enlil, Kheoheva, Merawrim, Shu, Thoth

🌬Spirits: Sylphs, Zephyrs, Fairies of trees, flowers and winds

🌪Time: Dawn

🌬Cycle Of Life: Infancy

🌪Season: Spring

🌬Zodiac: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

🌪Colors: white, yellow, crimson

🌬Sense: smell, hearing

🌪Stones and Jewels: Topaz, pumice, rainbow stones, crystals, amethyst, alexandrite

🌬Magick Tools: censer, wand, sword

🌪Metals: Tin, copper

🌬Herbal: Clove, myrrh, pansy, primrose, vervain, dill, lavender

🌪Trees: Acacia, Almond, Aspen, Hazel, Linden, Maple, Pine

🌬Animals: Eagle, raven, spider

🌪Instruments: flute, wind instruments

🌬Type Of Magick: Divination, concentration, wind magick, prophecy, Karma work

🌪Ritual Actions: Playing a flute, tossing objects in the air (over the shoulder), burning incense, hanging objects in trees

🌬Chant To Invoke:

“Here and now

I evoke the elemental force of air.

The winds of intellect and imagination,

Satisfying source of flight, breath, and life.

I seek the open sky within myself

That I might breathe deep of freedom, ideas, sounds, and space.

I call you forth to sweep away

All that accumulates in the unseen places and to sing beauty into the world.

Wing and Feather,

Storm and Leaf,

Air, I call thee hence”




Fire cleanses and purifies, but it is also creative and destructive. It can consume everything in it’s path and it is the only one of the elements that cannot exist without feeding on something else. It offers warmth and cooks food, but can get out of control. It has the power to transform everything it touches. It is positive and lifting, but can be frightening if not controlled. It is the most physical and spiritual of the elements and represents magick itself. Fire is represented in the forms of burning objects, love spells (always preferably self-love spells), baking, and lighting candles and fires.

🔥Represents: energy, inspiration, love, passion, leadership, magick

💥Gender: Masculine

🔥Direction: South

💥Energy: Projective

🔥Symbols: Flame, lightning, heated objects (stones in particular), volcano, rainbow, sun, stars, lava, heat

💥Pentagram Placement: lower right

🔥Goddesses: Brigit, Hestia, Pele, Vesta

💥Gods: Agni, Horus, Prometheus, Vulcan

🔥Spirits: Salamaders, firedrakes

💥Time: Noon

🔥Cycle Of Life: Youth

💥Season: Summer

🔥Zodiac: Leo, Sagittarius, Aries

💥Colors: Red, gold, crimson, orange, white

🔥Sense: Sight

💥Stones and Jewels: Ruby, fire opal, volcanic lava, agathe

🔥Magick Tools: Dagger, sword, athame, censer, lamp, candles, incense, herb burning, paper requests, knife

💥Metals: Gold, brass

🔥Herbal: Garlic, hibiscus, red peppers, cinnamon, coffee, beans, seeds, chili peppers

💥Trees: Alder, Ash, Cashew, Cedar, Chestnut, Fig, Juniper, Mahogany, Oak, Holly, Rowan, Walnut

🔥Animals: Dragon, cat, lion, horse, snake, cricket, mantis, ladybug, bee, scorpion, phoenix, coyote, fox

💥Instruments: Guitar, stringed instruments

🔥Type Of Magick: Candle, healing, love spells, energy work

💥Ritual Action: Burning objects, wood, paper, heating, preparing decoctions, cauldron work

🔥Chant To Invoke:

“Here and now,

I evoke the elemental force of fire.

The flames of creativity and passion,

Dancing source of heat, light, and life.

I seek the glowing force within

That I might warm myself with

Desire, excitement, courage, and inspiration.

I call you forth to burn away

All that impedes my highest vision

And to enact change in the world.

Lightning and heart,

Heart and force

Fire, I call thee hence”




It is the element of love and emotions, constantly active beneath the surface, influencing our moods and emotional responses. It purifies, heals, offers emotional release, and removes all that is stagnant. It is represented in the forms of pouring water over objects, brew making, healing spells, ritual bathing, and tossing objects into of water. Spells that benefit from this element are friendship spells, fertility spells, happiness spells, and relationship spells.

💧Represents: emotions, absorption, subconscious, purification, eternal movement, wisdom, the soul, emotional aspects of love and femininity

🌊Gender: Feminine

💧Direction: West

🌊Energy: Receptive

💧Symbols: Ocean, river, shell, spring, lake, well, rain, fog, cup

🌊Pentagram Placement: Upper right

💧Goddesses: Aphrodite, Isis, Marianne, Mari, Tiamat, Yemaha

🌊Gods: Dylan, Ea, Manannan, Osiris, Neptune, Poseidon

💧Spirits: Undines, Nymphs, Mermaids, Fairies of ponds, lakes or streams

🌊Time: Twilight, dusk

💧Cycle Of Life: Maturity

🌊Season: Autumn

💧Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

🌊Colors: Blue, turqoise, green, grey, indigo, black

💧Sense: Taste

🌊Stones and Jewels: Aquamarine, amethyst, blue tourmaline, pearl, coral, blue topaz, fluorite

💧Magick Tools: cup, cauldron, goblet, mirror

🌊Metals: Mercury, silver, copper

💧Herbal: Ferns, lotus, mosses, bushes, water lilies, gardenia

🌊Trees: Apple, Apricot, Birch, Cherry, Elder, Elm, Rose, Willow

💧Animals: Dragon, water snakes, dolphin, fish, cat, frog, turtle, swan, crab, sea mammals, sea birds

🌊Instruments: Anything resonant, harmonica, cymbals, a flute made from real reed or willow bark

💧Type Of Magick: Mirror divinations, magnet work, love magick, lucid dreaming, cleansing, protection spells

🌊Ritual Actions: Bathing, dilution, washing, sprinkling, preparing cold herbal infusions

💧Chant To Invoke:

“Here and now,

I evoke the elemental force of water

The fluid of infinite shapes and forms

Flowing source of adaptability, emotion, and life

I seek the pure spring

Within that I might drink deep of

Change, relationship, nourishment, and grace.

I call you forth to wash away

All that needlessly binds

And to move fluidly in this world.

Ocean and river

Ripple and rain

Water, I call thee hence.”




Spirit (also known as Ether/Aether) is, by far, the most complex and complicated element to explain. It is what unites all things, anywhere and everywhere, and is our connection to the otherworld in rituals. The spirit element transports us beyond any narrow confines and allows us to open up to something much bigger, it is present in all aspects of life, and goes beyond thought and emotion. Unlike the other four elements it has no defined place or location, even though we cannot specifically place it, we know it is there. It provides the space, connection, and balance for the other elements to exist. All spells benefit from this element.

✨Represents: the sense of joy and union

🌌Gender: none

✨Direction: everywhere

🌌Energy: universal

✨Symbols: cord, rope

🌌Pentagram Placement: upper

✨Goddesses: The Lady

🌌Gods: The Horner God

✨Spirits: —

🌌Time: always

✨Cycle Of Life: eternity

🌌Season: year cycle (all seasons)

✨Zodiac: —

🌌Colors: white

✨Sense: higher receptions

🌌Stones and Jewels: —

✨Magick Tools: —

🌌Metals: —

✨Herbal: —

🌌Trees: —

✨Animals: dove

🌌Instruments: —

✨Type Of Magick: —

🌌Ritual Action: —

✨Chant To Invoke:

“Here and now,

I reach deep within myself.

Here and now,

I invoke spirit.

I call on the force connecting me

To the whole of existence

The thread running back through my blood,

And the ripples spreading over from my actions

I call on the visions that have inspired me, the kindness that has lifted me,

and the love I have given and received.

Life and song

Home and road,

Spirit, I call to thee”


That’s a lot of information. I’m curious if the intonations are associated with any specific religion?