make your perfect magick coffee


the coffee bean has a surprisingly wide array of magickal properties, including:

❤  breaking curses, bad habits, and negative influences

❤  cultivating clarity of mind, focus, and motivation

❤  divination (you can read coffee grounds like tea leaves)

❤  protection from nightmares and negative thoughts

❤  as an offering for ancestors and deities

❤  emotional grounding

magickal flavors for your coffee

♥  cinnamon: spirituality, success, healing

♥  cardamom: energy, love and lust

♥  vanilla: love, lust, passion

♥  chocolate: prosperity, self-love, friendship

♥  hazelnut: creativity and inspiration

♥  almond: good luck, beauty, wealth

♥  caramel: balance, strength

♥  honey: replenishing magickal energy

♥  pumpkin: money drawing, connection to the earth

♥  peppermint: cleansing and purification

the magick of milks and creamers

♥  cow milk: nurturing, self-care (note: cow milk only retains its full-power magickal effects when the milk is ethically sourced)

♥  almond milk: good luck, beauty, wealth

♥  soy milk: protection, psychic awareness, spirituality

♥  hemp milk: happiness, positivity, peace

♥  oat milk: grounding, focus

♥  cashew milk: strong money drawing