❀ Things to do on a very bad day ❀

πŸ’— Do not forget to drink water. No matter how bad you feel, simply taking a sip of water is going to make you feel at least a little better!

πŸ’— Although you might not feel like making an effort to prepare something to eat, you need to eat something. Your body needs the energy to get you through the day (even though you might not want to).

πŸ’— No matter how exhausted you feel, taking a shower and changing your clothes will always leave you feeling refreshed.

πŸ’— Open your curtains and windows. It does not have to be for long but just let some fresh air inside your room.

πŸ’— Write down your feelings and thoughts. Do not worry about how it looks, just get everything out of your system. Once everything is on paper, you will feel a little lighter.

πŸ’— Make a list of things that make you happy. It does not have to be a lot, just a few things that exist and make your life a little brighter.

πŸ’— Change your bed sheets if you have not done so in a long time. Similary to taking shower, this will instantly make you feel fresh and a little better.

πŸ’— If you have a lot of things to do, just pick the simplest task on your list and do it. Completing one task can make such a huge difference.

If nothing on that list seems doable for you, please do not feel bad about it. Sometimes spending an entire day (or two or more) in bed is all you can do and that is okay. Sometimes you are here, sometimes the only thing you can do is breathe and let time pass. That does not make you any less of a fighter. You are so brave for sticking around and you can absolutely do this. I love you.

Hot showers are life savers just FYI