ancient greek: foam

aphrodite is the greek goddess of beauty & love. she is a great goddess for a love witch & will guide u if u ask her.

attributes & how to find ur inner love goddess in ur life:

  • shells. aphrodite was brought to the world by uranos whose genitals fell into the ocean. aphrodite was formed by the water of the sea & the sperm of him. she came to life on a very big shell. shells represent the feminine energy & stand for the bonding of aphrodite to the sea.
  • sea water. just like the shell, sea water represents the connection of aphrodite & the sea.
  • white feathers. white feathers represent the purity & grace of a swan, which is one of her animals.
  • romantic stuff. one of the biggest gifts of a witch is her intuition. what feels lovely to u? what makes u feel romantic? u can write this things in ur grimorium for later usage.
  • light clothes. pastel & tulle r ideal. dress like a princess. but if u don’t feel like this, u can use different fabrics & colours too! magic is all about ur wellbeing & u know best what’s good for u. u can dress like a tomboy & still have a charming, feminine aura. it’s all about ur charisma.
  • makeup. just like the clothes. what feels right for u. mascara, rouge, lip gloss & highlighter may be cliche but u know best for urself.
  • pamper urself. take a bath. do a facial. u deserve only the best & u r the only person who can give that to u.
  • be charming. i know, stuff like this is easy said, but don’t let ur negative emotions control u. don’t fake to be happy but take ur time for others & listen to them. “love” is not about sex & stuff, love is about friendliness, caring & happiness.

how to call aphrodite:

how can aphrodite help me?

if ure a witch who isn’t very good at doing spells & prayers by urself (just like me); here is a short affirmation for aphrodite for rituals & other magic work.

in the name of magic

i, [y/n]

solicit for the presence of our eternal goddess of love


i ask for ur blessing for my magical actions

so that I can spread beauty & kindnesa to the world

perform your divinity through me

for that i ask

i, [y/n]

love is very powerful. some people say it is the most powerful in the world. if u wanna cast a huge love spell, aphrodite can help u w/ it. she’s also able to bless ur day, if u do a prayer for her in the morning. a love spell can be a self appreciation ritual, a spell to heal a broken heart, a spell for friendship or a (inner) beauty ritual. her son aeneas can stand by ur side if u have to face an uncomferiblae situation. her power can be connected w/ the unicornian magic, which would make it even more effective.