We have to take responsibility and become aware that no matter what happened in our past, we are capable of rewriting our story, of building healthy self-esteem. The best is:
There are no secrets to it. It’s changing the opinion that you have of yourself by modifying the beliefs you have about yourself, your life, your abilities, and your intrinsic value and the book you hold in your hands will help you with it. It will help you get rid of damaging beliefs like “I’m a helpless victim and have no power over what happens in my life,” “I’m not good enough,” “I don’t deserve good things in my life,” “There is something bad in all of us.”
If you make the effort and time to work on your self-esteem, the rewards will be awesome:
Higher self-confidence, better social relationships, better work relationships and just making peace with your life are some of them. Criticism from others won’t bother you anymore. You will be able to freely express your thoughts, feelings, values, and opinions because your self-worth no longer comes from the acceptance of others. You’ll be better able to deal with difficulties, anxiety, depression, and the inevitable hardships that arise. You’ll simply experience more happiness and enjoyment in all areas of your life.