Powerful Self Cleansing Ritual


This is a very powerful ritual which calls upon elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Great for when you need to cleanse your mind and body from painful memories, experiences or just need to clear your mind due to excessive anxiety, depression etc! A large part of this ritual is fine-tuning your focus and become sensitive to the energies radiating from the elements that you come in contact with throughout this spell. 


First call upon element of Earth by acquiring a smudging stick, or any combination of cleansing herbs in a fireproof bowl (good ones are sage and rosemary, and thyme make sure they are dry or they may not light on fire). Smell the herbs and hold them in your hands whilst envisioning the power and energy of the Earth.  Repeat the following incantation: 

“Element of Earth, I invoke thee 

Cleanse my mind and body of all negativity”


Next light your herbs or smudging stick on fire and wave it around your body from the top of your head, down to your feet completely cover yourself in the smoke. As you watch the embers envision the powers of fire and feel the energy radiating from the embers and flames. As you wave the smoke around your body repeat the following:

“Element of fire, I invoke thee,

cleanse my mind and body of all negativity” 


As you breathe in the smoke of the herbs, focus on the element of air. Envision that which each breath you take you are inhaling positive energy and exhaling negative reaffirm this aloud as you say:

“Element of Air, I invoke thee,

As I exhale, carry away the negative energies that reside in my body

As I inhale, bring positive energies into my body”

Make sure to take big deep breaths as you repeat the incantation, picturing the energies flowing in and out of your lungs.


Lastly, the element of water. I find this to be one of the most powerful aspects of the spell and should be done LAST. Get to a body of water that you can rinse yourself in, stand in, splash in, whatever. A simple bowl of water will not be as powerful opposed to this method. I decided to take a shower (because it was convenient lol) you can feel free to run a bath if you like. Visiting a stream or river is obviously ideal but it is really the intent here that matters. Stand in the water and wash yourself whilst repeating:

“Element of water, I invoke thee,

May the water rushing over my skin carry (bad energies, and painful 

memories, pain, whatever it is you wish to focus on) away

Close your cleansing ritual by thanking each of the elements aloud.