be vegan for positive energy



99% of meat, dairy, eggs come from factory farms. Factory farms are torture for animals. (Check out the documentaries Dominion and Earthlings)

Negative energy is consuming the flesh of a creature who lived scared and depressed in confinement their entire lives. Negative energy is consuming milk which was meant for a baby cow but the baby cow was killed instead and the mother cow grieves. Negative energy is consuming eggs in which the male chicks are put in an industrial blender because they are deemed unprofitable. 

When you use food or beauty products, seek out the vegan alternatives. Of course local, fair trade, plastic-free packaging is best, but for a start, switch to plant milks such as oat, cashew, almond, etc., tofu or chickpea quiches for eggs, and plantbased meats made from wheat, pea protein, or soy. Some may say “no ethical consumption under capitalism” , but I view that as an excuse not to try and reduce suffering at all. If we can drastically reduce misery through sparing over 50 billion animals a year from factory farms, then we should absolutely do so. Especially when there are so many delicious versions. I eat pizza, burgers, milkshakes, etc., all vegan, and it hasn’t negatively impacted me at all.

Animal ag. is also the #1 cause of species extinction, deforestation, and ghg emissions. We should care for Mother Earth. (check out the documentary Cowspiracy on Netflix)

I’m going to try…. Meat is a big part of my culture so this is gonna be a lil hard.