Therapeutic Mountain Circle
Tuesday 20th November 2018 7-9pm

Mountain medicine is for connecting to our strength and if this workshop is calling to you then standing steady like a rock is what is called for at this time. The massiveness of the mountain evokes a sense of impenetrable and immovable strength and stature. It’s quiet and resolute immensity leaves us in awe and inspires us to reach for greater heights although it can also pose challenges. The energy teaches us that it makes no sense to deny the strength we have at the cost of allowing ourselves to be reactive and subject to external influences far beyond what is healthy for us. This evening will be a night of deep focus to ground ourselves to the earth and feel our head held high as if we were touching the sky. We will also be practicing the art of moving into the silent place within ourselves to locate our source of power. Together we will be surrendering to stillness, observing rather than reacting, and claiming our power.

Join our candlelit healing mountain ceremony of mystery and meditation using depth psychology and shamanic practice by DMing us or booking through our website. (at Notting Hill)