Join our first Autumn series of workshops starting next Thursday 7-9pm. Our first one is on conchomancy, also known as shell divination. Groups are for 4-6 people in a cosey candlelit room full of pillows with meditation, archetypal stories and lots of sharing time.
Conchomancy is for all the water babies who find their intuitive nature is stronger when they are closer to the sea. We will be using the wisdom from shells and flowing seascapes to connect to our inner seas, the water energy, our siren self and grounding our learnings from over the summer if spent by the water. This evening will be a strong birthing of the inner Venus which exists within each and every one of us. If you need help releasing her this workshop is for you.
To book your place please contact us via our website, email or send a message to 07545913193. (at Notting Hill)