When abusive parents punish you for showing trauma symptoms it’s not because they’re dumb and misinterpreting it, they know exactly whats going on and they want to hide it from everyone else. That is the true reason why they always make shit up to everyone to explain why you’re having symptoms (blaming it on everything from television to some irrelevant experiences to it all being your own damn fault), they have to cover up their tracks of abuse. They insist so badly the reasons are something else because deep inside they know they caused it. And it scares them that it could get uncovered.

Do you think a normal parent would try to hide trauma symptoms or not explore every single possibility to what caused it, unless they knew exactly what it was and were desperate to cover it up? Being an abusive parent means going very far to cover up your tracks, you have to convince victims, and everyone else, that their symptoms are coming from thin air, that every memory is a lie or a dream, that they’re delusional and not to be trusted, it involves destroying a child’s sanity completely, all for the sake of never being called out, never being seen as what they are, a monster. And they’re willing to go that far, their own reputation comes before their child’s life. Stop giving them benefit of the doubt. They don’t deserve it.