You don’t just have to wait for it you have to work for it. You have to make conscious your experiences of being loved, learn to love yourself, explore your fantasies, delve into your perfectionism, process your parents relationship with you and each other, spend time with yourself alone in the world and be with yourself in the therapy room until you see your own light and dark.
Sounds like a lot? That’s just the preparation stage. The universe will bring you a few people as practice and then send you someone filled with many challenges and you will find many reasons to say no. There will be inner dragons and danger and therein lies your myth. You must look deeply at what you need to overcome in yourself in order to give and receive love. This process does not happen overnight if you’re looking for a soul mate connection and is not an easy journey. It won’t be filled with 24 hours a day eye gazing with a light you’ve never experienced. You will experience moments like that but more importantly you will have a deep, solid and safe connection after spending time creating it together – this doesn’t just fall in your lap. And other times you will experience problems in the material world and stress about things not worth stressing over. But you do because you’re human and that’s ok. Your partner will accept you for it but also challenge you to help your growth.
We’d love to hear you sharing about your experiences of committing to this process and where you’re at on this journey.
Sending love to all you brave Soulys! Contact us for a free initial consultation if you’d like to work together. (at Notting Hill)