It will never be perfect. You will face challenges all the time. If you sit with what the experience reminds you of, you will realise it’s connected to something in your past you haven’t worked through. Then you work through that and the relationship purifies. You get a deeper level of closeness. Then another challenges come up. Do you stay or do you quit?

The truth is intimacy isn’t all loving cuddles, incredible sex, great conversations and doing things for each other that make the other one happy. It’s hard, you have to sacrifice. Your needs and wants are always questioned – you have to spend time weighing up what you want.

If you want intimacy you will follow who the universe is bringing you and work through what that means for you. If you don’t and walk away in the hope of something better you are also pushing away the learning. This kills the deeper intimate relationship you can develop with yourself through the person that comes into your life. It’s never about the other person, it’s about you. ‘I deserve better’ – of course you deserve the world but when you learn to give yourself the love you need and say ‘welcome’ to the challenges that come your way then the relationship mirrors that. If the relationship needs to end it will happen organically. Trust the process.