We are so thankful to the beautiful soul @thirdeyegangsta for our collaboration on addiction for the past week. We have learnt so much about ourselves and hope you have too. We had some anxiety about doing a collab as we hadn’t done this before but we really do believe that trusting the universe, taking chances and going with the flow that is life is the only way to live otherwise we don’t experience, learn and grow. Thank you Feliciana for this opportunity!! We will definitely have a lot more exciting collabs in the future… one we will be introducing soon is a special sequence of YOGA PSYCHOTHERAPY which one of our therapists is just finalising with her guru in India. This kind of yoga will be working directly with emotions and memories and how to release them through a special sequence of postures, movement and guided visualisation. More to follow… Thank you to all of you for being part of Nurse The Soul. We look forward to starting with all of you who have won the half priced consultations. Feliciana will have DM’d you with the details so please check your inbox. 💛