Thursday 25th October 2018 7-9pm

Nurse The Soul invites you to join our candlelit healing ceremonies of mystery and meditation using depth psychology and shamanic practice.

Groups are for 4-6 people in a cosey candlelit room full of pillows with meditation, archetypal stories and lots of sharing time. Join us and take your time to express in our safe space. The circle will be held by psychotherapist and healer Jasmine, founder of Nurse The Soul.

The Selkie and her Skin is about reclaiming your authenticity and returning to the form in which you are free. The tale of the Selkie is that of a creature who has been captured, who has had their deep wildness tamed, who has in some ways fallen into an amnesiac state simply in order to deal with loss. It seems that if you remember all that has been taken away from you, your heart could break, and your will could die. The Selkie is the story for all of us who have forgotten our strength, our freedom, our right to choose again and again our delight in life. This story also speaks very deeply of the divine feminine and we will be connecting in many ways to our womb and the water element during this workshop.

£25 per person (£15 for students and young professionals) and limited space so please RSVP by filling out the form below and we’ll send you back all the details you need to complete your booking.