Thursday 8th November 2018 7-9pm

Nurse The Soul invites you to join our candlelit healing ceremonies of mystery and meditation using depth psychology and shamanic practice.

Groups are for 4-6 people in a cosey candlelit room full of pillows with meditation, archetypal stories and lots of sharing time. Join us and take your time to express in our safe space. The circle will be held by psychotherapist and healer Jasmine, founder of Nurse The Soul.

Our Fertility evening is about potential, powerful creative and initiation energy. To begin, create and grow. Some may at first consider this evening only to be about being fertile as a woman for conceiving a baby, but this is not all it is. We are fertile beings, able to have all the energy, richness and goodness needed to bring forth a great project, idea or a new life in our own lives. This evening will be the moment for us to connect to great power and seek out what it is we need to seed our own fertile waters. Be ready to connect to our inner fertile and enriching being. This night will be about new life and growth ready to spring from deep inside, whether as an embryo or new and powerful creativity. Whatever it may be, join us and allow your soul to grow what it was born to create.

£25 per person (£15 for students and young professionals) and limited space so please RSVP by filling out the form below and we’ll send you back all the details you need to complete your booking.