Tuesday 27th November 2018 7-9pm

Nurse The Soul invites you to join our candlelit healing ceremonies of mystery and meditation using depth psychology and shamanic practice.

Groups are for 4-6 people in a cosey candlelit room full of pillows with meditation, archetypal stories and lots of sharing time. Join us and take your time to express in our safe space. The circle will be held by psychotherapist and healer Jasmine, founder of Nurse The Soul.

The circle for this evening will be healing in itself for Elephants have one of the most closely-knit and loyal societies in the animal kingdom. They communicate across great distances and live together for 60-80 years. If one of the herd members dies, they dig a shallow grave and cover the elder with dirt and branches. There are many stories of Elephants developing deep friendships with other animals, rescuing each other, other species and humans from danger. They have a highly developed sense of self, spacial awareness and emotional maturity. For this evening we will journey with Elephant to find out what our needs are with both space and community. We will tune in to the crown chakra using amethyst crystals to connect with our higher sense of self and then the throat chakra with the elephant’s long beautiful nose and giant ears to express these needs. Together we will honour both the elephants and ourselves. We will also connect to the elephant’s elemental energies of earth and water through meditation and breath work. Fusing these elements in our own psyche will bring our loving, empathetic nature into majesty through an earthy grounding and strengthening process. We hope you will join us for this majestic evening and don’t let anything stand in your way using your internal herd of elephants. 

£25 per person (£15 for students and young professionals) and limited space so please RSVP by filling out the form below and we’ll send you back all the details you need to complete your booking.