Thursday 1st November 2018 7-9pm

Nurse The Soul invites you to join our candlelit healing ceremonies of mystery and meditation using depth psychology and shamanic practice.

Groups are for 4-6 people in a cosey candlelit room full of pillows with meditation, archetypal stories and lots of sharing time. Join us and take your time to express in our safe space. The circle will be held by psychotherapist and healer Jasmine, founder of Nurse The Soul.

This evening we will be using bones, teeth and ancient runes for a deep healing shamanic evening. Bones and teeth work as effigies or fetishes for connecting with the energy of the spirit animal and unlocking the latent qualities we have within. For this evening you will need to bring with you animal bone(s) or teeth hand picked by yourself from a walk in the woods or river bank. 

Pick bones or teeth that have no smell or soft tissue on them and that have been out in the open for a while. We call these weathered bones because they are usually old by the time they reach this state. Once you’ve picked your weathered bones, simply soak them in warm water with biological washing powder, clean them with hydrogen peroxide, or simmer them in hot water, and then leave them in open air to dry for a few days. The use of human bones is forbidden, especially since most of them are acquired as the result of grave robbery. Also, human bones may contain impure energies which will not serve anyone, unlike animal bones which are imbued with pure and natural energy. Human remains contain energetic imprints made by the intentions, will, and even reactions of those they belonged to. This makes them impure as opposed to animal remains which are attuned to the natural flow of things.

Working with bones or teeth ties us to the earthly plane and facilitates our communication with natural spirit of the animal. We will begin our evening with an open circle looking at the meanings behind bones and teeth, the meridian tooth chart and chakras relating to areas of the skeletal body. Then we will embark on a meditation and use the animal spirits inhabiting the bones to work as messengers or guardians. This will help you especially if you don’t already have established guides. During this evening we will also be using the ancient runes used by the shamans of Scandinavia, calling on Odin, the god of magic and wisdom, for guidance with whatever we are struggling with. We will then bind ourselves to the spirit animal by decorating the bones or teeth with the symbol(s) from the runes and then use a reddening ritual. By making the bones red, one imbues them with Eros, lifeforce, and it mimics the vitality of blood that once covered them. 

We will end the evening with a bone dance. This dance is a shamanic journey in which we will dismember our physical body, including skin, hair, muscles, organs, everything except the bones and teeth. We will be completely stripped of everything physical and then begin re-membering the physical body, returning organs, muscles, hair, and skin but this time creating the physical body of desire, a body that is free of all the old patterns and energetic imprints, a body that is now ready to serve our spiritual journey. If you’ve ever struggled with eating disorders or feeling as if your physical body has held you back, this is an incredibly healing practice. 

£25 per person (£15 for students and young professionals) and limited space so please RSVP by filling out the form below and we’ll send you back all the details you need to complete your booking.