Nurse The Soul is launching Soul Play, a creative non-verbal therapy for adolescents, young people and adults at a discounted rate of £35 per session.

Soul Play is a Transpersonal Play Therapy. It is a natural therapy used for healing illness, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, learning difficulties, abuse and anger issues. The sessions can involve anything from art, drama, sand, toy, story, visualisation, body to dream work. It is suitable for any age, individually tailored for each client and a confidential, long or short term therapeutic approach.

Techniques are only used when they suit the therapy, the client understands their use and they are willing to try them out. For more information or to book a consultation contact Nurse The Soul today on 07545913193.

Nurse The Soul

If your relationships have addictive game playing patterns you may be suffering from love addiction/ love avoidance. This is usually due to a fear of intimacy and abandonment. One of these fears is often unconscious which is why your emotions will either be overly out of control or frozen in a ruthless detached extreme. Couples who have intense highs and lows in relationships usually have one love addict and one love avoidant. At any time in the relationship the roles can switch. Usually this creates the cyclic relationship pattern of breaking up and coming either back together or starting a similar relationship with another partner. These best thing to do if you are suffering with these problems is to take a time out from relationships all together although this can be extremely hard for a love addict/ avoidant as the loneliness is excruciatingly painful. There won’t be that one relationship that changes everything… This pattern goes back to your initial attachment style with your primary caregiver(s) and can only really be changed with a commitment to therapy. If you are struggling with this the most important thing when looking for a therapist is to find someone you feel safe with to talk about your early experiences of abandonment and intimacy. Invest in yourself, overcome your fears and then you will experience love in it’s truest form.