Saturday 9th June 2018 7.30-10pm

In June we will be holding our first sacred unveiling ceremony where we will gather as women connect with the spirit of mother nature and our true natural beauty. This process is a deeply intimate experience which facilitates healing body and intimacy issues. In order to connect with a partner in relationship we must be able to unveil ourselves and be seen at a soul level. Beginning this journey in a safe space with other women can be an incredible turning point in our lives.

‘What I will be offering everyone is to undress, cover ourselves with cloth and slowly through the evening we will unveil. This is a tantric practice that really helps people overcome body issues and fears around self love and intimacy which can stem from trauma and abuse of our bodies in the past. It will be a small group and I will create a sacred space to share our shame, fears and reconnect with our bodies. This process can absolutely transform the way we are with ourselves and our partners and will teach how to receive in our natural beauty.‘ – Jasmine, Nurse The Soul

As we unveil ourselves we will be guided by Jasmine, psychotherapist and founder of Nurse The Soul, through a rhythm of exercises especially synchronised for this process. This will be in offerings of shakti dance, tantric exercises, goddess meditation, psychotherapy and honouring the feminine. For this ceremony we will be giving you clean towels, cleansing towelettes and a beautiful piece of organic cloth to begin in as the evening gently unfolds. 

Please note, if you have your monthly moon time you won’t be able to fully involve yourself in all the exercises but we suggest that you let us know so we can prioritise you for the next one. We also love practicing red tent rituals whilst menstruating as these are incredibly therapeutic. Talk to Jasmine more about this privately if you’d like to know more

£31 per person and limited space so please RSVP by filling out the form below and we’ll send you back all the details you need to complete your booking.