Thursday 3rd May 2018 7.30-8.30pm

On this evening Clarissa, Insta:@clenherrnutrition, is giving her second talk in her Nutrition Series about carbohydrates, fat and fibre – why they are important, why the shouldn’t be shamed, what they are, how to consume them – all the whens, whys, whats and hows! Adding to this she’ll give us a bit of science and an easy to digest explanation to why they really aren’t bad for you (calling all the restricter’s out there!).

Clarissa’s first talk in the series was on women’s hormones and the importance of eating for your periods and her third one coming up next month is on the impacts of restriction on your metabolism and digestive system.

Your first talk with Clarissa is free so if you haven’t attended one before there is no charge. If this is your second time attending Clarissa’s talks the fee is £10. We do have limited space so please RSVP by filling out the form below. We will email you back to confirm your booking and send you all the details you need for the evening.