Saturday 2nd June 2018 11am-6pm

A transformative healing workshop for love, sex and food addiction.

Are you using relationships, sex, love or food to fill the hole in your soul? Is sitting alone with the emptiness unmanageable? Are you finding it difficult to be vulnerable, share true intimacy and take responsibility? Do you express your feelings destructively and hurt your body as a way of hiding your low self esteem and fear of abandonment? Would you love to feel safe and held by the universe and experience intimate love but don’t know how?

Jasmine, psychotherapist and founder of Nurse The Soul, will be facilitating a transformative full day workshop using a combination of transpersonal psychotherapy, guided visualisation, food education, shamanic healing and tantric exercises to heal the core wounding of love, sex and food addiction. Together we will be nursing the soul into manifestation and finding wholeness.

£85 per person including lunch. Please RSVP as limited space by filling out the form below and we’ll send you back all the details you need to complete your booking.