Herbal Medicine Workshop

Sunday 10th June 2018 2-4pm

Come spend a wonderful afternoon with herbalist Alex, founder of @the_rooted_soul and @healthypillars (www.healthypillars.com), learning about the magical power and beauty of Herbs and their Medicinal effects!

A short history of herbal medicine will be discussed in order to lay foundations for understanding where these herbal remedies originated in their use and the many different regions and timelines from which they come from. We will then move onto the uses of herbs for certain bodily systems (digestive system, nervous system, hormonal system)- which herbs to use, the reasons why you would use them, how to use them, and when to use them.

Everyone will get a small parting gift that they can take home, connect with and use what they have learned. For anyone wanting a full consultation after the workshop, discounted prices will be given but only to attendees.

£25 per person and limited space so please RSVP by filling out the form below and we’ll send you back all the details you need to complete your booking.