A 15 week journey on understanding and embodying belonging

Beginning Thursday 22nd October 2020, 6.30-7.45 UK TIME


On the 22nd of October we will be starting a 15 week journey using Chapter 6 of Women Who Run With The Wolves ‘Finding One’s Pack’. This deep dive is a journey on understanding and embodying belonging.

This group is run by Transpersonal Integrative psychotherapist, Jasmine Jarchevska. To read more about Jasmine click here. We also occasionally have guest psychotherapists joining the discussion or leading from time to time.

We will cover topics such as:

  • The Ambivalent Mother
  • The Collapsed Mother
  • The Child Mother
  • The Unmothered Mother
  • The Strong Mother
  • Frozen Creativity
  • Exile 
  • Love for the Soul
  • The Black Sheep, The Maverick and The Lone Wolf

The weekly format of the group will be that we begin with introductions, how we are feeling and reflections of the previous week’s optional homework. We will then spend about 45 minutes reading and pausing for therapeutic sharing and questions on the topic. Some of our participants are a bit shy to share at the beginning but after a few sessions begin to join in. We encourage you to share at your own pace. At the end we invite you to spend time during the week reflecting in a diary, doing artwork, tracking dreams, writing myths/ poetry/ stories, and noticing synchronicities relating to something we have read this week. This invitation for homework is optional. We also have a what’s app group for connection, discussion and sharing with each other during the week.

The time for the group 6.30-7.45pm (UK time) every Thursday. You do not need to attend weekly and we will have a break for both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve and finish in January. 

You are very welcome to trial a session and see if it’s for you. If you decide to continue with us payment is a donation based energy exchange with a suggested donation of £20/ month or £5/ session. 

To sign up please fill out the form below and we will get back to you with more information. If you have any questions before you sign up please email us at contact@nursethesoul.com. We may organise an introductory call with you before we add you to the group.

This journey is part of a longer on going weekly journey reading Women Who Run With The Wolves. If you wish to continue after these 15 weeks you may. Click here for more information for beyond the 15 weeks.