Sunday 8th December 2019, 3-5pm

For anyone struggling with food or image related issues such as Bulimia, Orthorexia, Anorexia, Compulsive Eating, Self Image, Self Confidence, Body Image, Body Dysmorphia, Self Esteem and Self Worth.

Our relationship with food and body image can go all back to the way we were fed and held as a baby. For others there could have been a trauma or we could have grown up in a household with a parent (or both parents) obsessed with weight. For some of us it’s about control and for others it’s about recklessness. A lot of us spend hours in the mirror focussing on something no one else notices, sometimes we can be frightened of even looking at ourselves. Flares up for certain people happen under times of stress, for others it is a constant battle. Our circle will be a place to explore any thoughts and feelings you have around how/ what you eat and how you feel in your physical body. 

Here is an example of some of the topics we will look at together:

  • Are we not able to take in goodness symbolically so we make harmful choices around what we eat? 
  • Do we feel that it’s never enough because we don’t feel enough?
  • How close does our relationship with food mirror our relationship with our mother?
  • Are we self harming?
  • What are we actually trying to reject?
  • What are we struggling with emotionally and psychologically?
  • Do we feel the need to be perfect? 
  • Is our behaviour around food our only way of soothing ourselves?
  • Do we have a fear to be in the world?
  • Are we stuffing down our emotions and anxieties?
  • What memories are we really try to starve ourselves of (‘trying to dry out’)?
  • Are we trying to avoid feeling emotional pain so we stuff until we are in physical pain and in a food coma?
  • Does the fogginess the next day gives us an excuse to bury our heads in the sand and not step into taking action to work on our deeper feelings?
  • Can we physically just not stop once we allow ourselves to have certain foods?
  • Do we have to be very black and white about what we allow in our diet?
  • Have we messed up our bodies so much with diets we are almost in pain every time we eat?
  • Do we want to disfigure ourselves to keep unwanted attraction as far away as possible?
  • Are we scared of the envious attacks we would receive if we stepped into our true body?

Our journey will take us on an understanding of what the food really represents in our lives and we will use the power of the group to support our healing process. The container of depth psychology and ancient rituals will hold our circle and allow us to connect with our individual soul wounding.

There will be a lot of space for sharing and to take your time in our safe and womblike space. Our groups are small (4-6 people) and held in our cosey candlelit room full of pillows in a private residence in Notting Hill. We are minutes away from the Portobello road and close to Ladbroke Grove station. For privacy reasons we will disclose the address via email.

All our groups are very thought through, protected and confidentially must be respected. We have a no photograph policy to protect your identity and give you the freedom to explore very sensitive issues.

The cost of the evening is £25 per person and as there is limited space please RSVP by filling out the form below. We will send you back all the details you need to your email for you to complete your booking.

This group will be run by Jasmine, psychotherapist and founder of Nurse The Soul. You can read more about her work here. If you have any questions before you sign up please email her directly on jasmine@nursethesoul.com.