Soul Play

Soul Play is a popular alternative therapy practice introduced by Founder of Nurse The Soul, Jasmine Jarchevska, in 2014.

Soul Play is a Transpersonal Play Therapy. It is a creative, non verbal and natural therapy used for healing addiction, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, relationship problems, abuse and anger issues. The sessions are for anyone but are incredibly healing for people who aren’t wanting talking therapy and are better at expressing themselves creatively. The sessions can involve anything from art, drama, sand, toy, story, visualisation, body to dream work. It is individually tailored for each client and a confidential, long or short term therapeutic approach. 

To begin Soul Play we require that you have an initial consultation first. This is free of charge and lasts up to 50 minutes either face to face or via video call. This is so that the techniques can be discussed before we work with them, the client understands their use and we can see they are willing to embrace them. After the consultation we will usually begin the following week with sessions. 

Please note, if you are interested in Soul Play via video call, we would need you to own or purchase a range of craft materials including but not limited to: 
  • Air dry clay
  • Magazines for cutting (+scissors and glue)
  • A1/A2 paper
  • A tray or sandbox
  • Sand (bought or from the beach)
  • Colouring pens/crayons/pencils
  • Your own set of oracle cards
  • Modelling clay plasticine
  • A collection of 10 stones/pebbles (bought or collected)
  • Optional: miniature figurines (human or animal)

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Please contact us here if you have an interest in Soul Play.