Downloadable Documents

Psychotherapy attends to the soul in a deep and long term way, in a safe space, and I believe it’s essentially the relationship that heals us, however spending time practically earthing the connection to the soul with written work can aid in moving the human experience forward.

Please find below a collection of downloadable documents and spreadsheets for you to either commit to alone, or to go through in sessions together if you find being disciplined hard.

In the sessions we can spend some time talking about what has come up for you and go deeper through attending to the feelings and sensations, going into creative imagination work, inner child work and/or guided visualisation (guided visualisation is similar to a mix of meditation and hypnosis). As we go deeper into who you are we can understand the complexes and difficulties that are at play originating from either your natural nature or from painful experiences in your life and allow you to move forward. 

Please always check back to this page as more will be added over time.