“It’s not easy to start therapy. By the time you decide you are ready for it, it’s hard to even know where to begin. If you visit your GP surgery you are usually offered medication first or put onto a long waiting list. After around 3 months, which can intensely exacerbate or numb the reason you wanted therapy, you are considered to be lucky if you find yourself in a therapeutic environment. Therapy is a model for the psyche and the atmosphere is an essential part and the beginning of the healing process.

“Nurse The Soul uses beautiful and safe therapeutic spaces in which every client is seen as an individual soul on a journey of discovery. I have experienced therapists that approach individual reasons for coming to therapy as problems that can be fixed in a set number of sessions through thought and behavioural exercises. Cognitive behavioural therapy is the most common therapy available on the NHS and whilst in therapy it can fade out an addiction, for example, the underlying anxiety is usually ignored and it is common for it to return or manifests in other ways once the therapy is over. 

“As much as working with the presenting issues, Nurse The Soul sees this time in an individual’s life as an opportunity for growth. We trust that every experience is a teaching that we can look at to find greater meaning, growth and a step to uncovering who we truly are. We believe the feelings of pure joy, unconditional love and wonderment in the world come through grounding the relationship with the authentic self. It’s essential to us that our clients finish therapy with the confidence of knowing who they truly are and what they want from life. We believe therapy is best when it ends when the client is ready to achieve their dreams. 

“Trust is a vital ingredient to therapy and at Nurse The Soul we believe an honest relationship works both ways. Nurturing this authentic relationship between therapist and client is our number one priority. We like younger therapists to work with younger clients as a way of bridging the age gap and understanding the client’s social context. We look at the past, present and future and the unique attachment style of the client in a confidential, safe space. We follow the client in whatever direction they go, making sure to bring them back to the core of the distortion for growth. If the client enjoys art, music, drama, play, we bring this to the therapy room. The idea is to explore thoughts, feelings, intuitions and sensations from mind, body and soul perspectives so that the therapy is a transformative experience that the client can take away once the therapy is over. It is about carrying the experience in their psyche.

“The sessions at Nurse The Soul are open ended. We like to play with the freedom of the relationship. Everyone comes into themselves differently, it can depend sometimes on the length of therapy, the time of day and sometimes even the season in the year. There are many contributing factors that aren’t considered in detail in most therapies because the therapy is either a free fixed time slot with charities or privately so expensive that only a short amount of therapy is affordable or allowed under insurance. Nurse The Soul is about balance and we believe our service, commitment to the client and fees reflect this. We always have an amount of reduced fee slots for those struggling to afford our full fees.

“Nurse The Soul is open to suggestions and making new connections with professionals and services with all different types of experiences and trainings. We are far from perfect and have a long way to go, just as we all do as individuals in the world. I would love to eventually reach people writing to me from countries across the world. Those of you who have met me know how much I love travelling and receiving messages from people living in countries I am yet to explore fills me with excitement, inspiration and love.

“In such a short time, I am deeply proud of how far Nurse The Soul has come. I suppose I understand therapy because I’ve been part of this world from a young age. I needed a service just like Nurse The Soul when I was young and from my experiences in other therapy services I haven’t come across anything as holistic and creative as what Nurse The Soul has grown into. I am grateful to all of the support from people of all ages. Thank you to all the beautiful souls I have met and connected with, you have each individually inspired me and from my head, heart, body and soul, this is for you.”

– Jasmine Jarchevska, Founder of Nurse The Soul.