Group Work

Nurse The Soul holds beautiful and intimate groups in Person and online


Allow yourself into our Soul Family by clicking on any of the links below that interest you for more information.

Private Group Sessions – Whether it’s something difficult that needs to be processed or something to be celebrated therapeutic exploration and ritual allows a conscious transition to take place. Together we can create a deep and profound relationship to whatever you bring to the space and with each other. The space can bring closeness, intimacy, authenticity, clarity, truth, cleansing and if needed it can lay something to rest. 

Group Therapy – We are all born into a group of some sort, our attachments are formed from these early years in our lives. Group therapy is a different way of experiencing issues around our relationship with ourselves and others as it works on the here and now in the group. If you are having difficulties with the people in your life sometimes group therapy can be more effective than individual therapy as you can honestly work with other group members, especially with your projections and feelings.

For Psychotherapists – Jasmine hosts a few social and learning groups for accredited psychotherapists and psychoanalysts with previous interest, study and/or supervision in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and/or Jungian Analysis. Accreditation with UKCP or similar national register required. 

Book Club – This group is a therapeutic and creative book club with sharing on personal process and optional creative activities dotted through the year such as bodywork, rituals, mask making, artwork, music, dance and guided visualisations.

Nurse The Spirit – Spiritual, transpersonal psychology, depth psychology, the esoteric, dreamwork, archetypes, religion, sacred, mythology, mysticism, soul, initiation, alchemy, tarot, shamanism, animism, medicine path, animal medicine, spirit animals, earth based sacred traditions, yoga, rituals, soul work, plant medicine, spirit guides, prayer, magick, meditation, manifestation, breath-work, oracles, divination, gemstones, alternative practices, artwork, music, sacred sound, dance, inner child, divine and sacred masculine and feminine, therapeutic craft making, soul play, wild women, women who run with the wolves (Wolf Club, Wolf Sisters)

Nurse The Heart – Self love, cacao ceremonies, inner child work, boundaries work, codependency work, empaths and highly sensitive people, oracle cards, quotes, songs, films, dreams, visualisations, books and images.

Nurse The Body – Embodiment, disordered eating, yoga, movement, somatic exercises, recipes, naturopathy, herbalism.

Astrology – Moon ceremonies, beginner’s astrology, birth charts, transit charts, progressions, profections, astrocartography, eclipses, rulerships, Native American astrology, chart rulers, planets, zodiac signs, houses, aspects, jung and astrology.

Conscious Relationships – Intimacy, relationship difficulties, including attachment issues, codependency, communication, sex addiction, love addiction and sexual anorexia (abstinence from intimacy).

Sacred Feminine – Feminine embodiment, wild power, goddess temple, feminine flow, menstrual cycle support, feminine energies, goddess archetypes, virgin, mother, wild woman, crone, dynamic feminine, static feminine, sacred unveiling, healing the mother wound.

Sacred Masculine – Financial freedom, hero’s Journey, accountability, goals, warrior, lover, magician, king, static masculine, dynamic masculine, healing the father wound.

Slow Living – Conscious lifestyle, growing our own food, meaningful interior design, slow gardening, foraging, rewilding, gentle living, peace, values, calm living, slow fashion, reading, writing, making art, crafting, time in nature, deep connection with plants and animals, conscious consumerism, time for connection, intentional living, mindfulness, soul nature surroundings.

Conscious Parenting – Conscious conception, pregnancy, perinatal, motherhood, fatherhood, step-parenting, family dynamics.

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