Group Therapy

At Nurse The Soul we are starting a new small weekly therapy group so please contact if this interests you.

We are all born into a group of some sort, our attachments are formed from these early years in our lives. Group therapy is a different way of experiencing issues around our relationship with ourselves and others as it works on the here and now in the group. If you are having difficulties with the people in your life sometimes group therapy can be more effective than individual therapy as you can honestly work with other group members, especially with your projections and feelings.

This group is about facing your shadow. At times these sessions will be really tough and may feel painfully revealing and exposing. Conflict between members at different times will most likely occur. It’s for those of you wanting to really know yourself in a group and struggle with knowing what intimacy really is. It’s for those of you who perhaps grew up in families where everything was for show. It could be for those of you who didn’t grow up with a close family or do not have a family now. Here you will learn what you need, as an individual, to form healthier, happier and more intimate relationships. The other members of the group will have a different experience and learning to you.

Contact with other members outside the group is forbidden in order to create the foundation needed to process the projections within a safe space. 

An interview is required before starting and group therapy also requires a commitment, it does not work on a drop in basis like our ceremonies, circles, workshops and book club. Participation of this group is a commitment and part of what makes the space feel safe is the regularity and rhythm of sessions. Too many interruptions tend to dilute the process. Consistency also supports the healing process and integrating a new way of being.

Founder of Nurse The Soul and psychotherapist, Jasmine Jarchevska, is running the group therapy sessions. You cannot be in one to one therapy with Jasmine whilst in this group. Please email to request a registration form and a copy of this group’s handbook for more details. Limited spaces. The group time is to be decided and will be starting shortly.

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Contact us here if you are interested in group therapy. Places are offered on a first come first serve basis conditional to application and interview.

Still unsure? Join a FREE GROUP THERAPY OPEN DAY ON *next date to be announced shortly* from 11am to 5pm. Limited spaces. Fill out the form below to join and we’ll get back to you with all the details. 

Please note, if you have not heard back from us within 48 hours please check your spam folder or junk mail, email us directly at or send a text message, iMessage or WhatsApp to +447545913193.