For Psychotherapists

The following groups are social and learning groups for accredited psychotherapists and psychoanalysts with previous interest, study and/or supervision in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and/or Jungian Analysis. Accreditation with UKCP or similar national register required. 

Psyche Circle

  • For discussing new ideas, projects, CPD, working together, new ideas and organising retreats.
  • Support and connection.
  • Socialising with other psychotherapists – going to events, workshops and retreats together.
  • Referrals.
  • Sharing research, theories and interesting reads.
  • A space for reflection on difficulties and blocks.
  • Ad hoc peer supervision.
  • Active Whats App group. 

Alchemical Peer Supervision

  • Weekly on Thursdays 8pm UK time for 1 hour on Zoom.
  • Understanding alchemical symbolism in psychotherapy using alchemical texts and alchemical processes in practice. 
  • Rotation of short presentations on Alchemy each week by the therapists in the group.
  • Meet ups (for those that live in London) in Notting Hill every 1-3 months.
  • Active Whats App group.
  • Some of the books we will use for this journey together: Alchemy by Marie-Louise von Franz, The Mystery of The Coniunctio by Edward Edinger, Anatomy of the Psyche by Edward Edinger, Aurora Consurgens by Marie-Louise von Franz, The Mysterium Lectures by Edward Edinger, The Aion Lectures by Edward Edinger

Dream Peer Supervision

New dream focussed peer supervision group ready to start when we have enough interest. Choice of times. Email for more information.

To join any of our groups please fill out the form below. Jasmine will get back to you and organise a time for a call.