May 2020

Dearest Souls,

I can’t thank you enough for being on this journey with me.

Ten years ago I was travelling across South America on 24 hour bus journeys, listening to music on my old, white, now giant looking and broken iPod. Gazing out of windows at nature I was trying to understand who I was, what life meant and what was important to me.

I should have been happy according to what I had been taught. I had a 2.1 from a Redbrick university, I was travelling the world, had a big group of friends, boyfriend, family back home, a good figure and lots of other things that I was told to believe would make me happy. I remember tears would fall out my eyes while gazing out these windows and I would wipe them away before my boyfriend of the time would wake up and notice.

On a little 30ft sailing boat from Colombia to Panama through the San Blas islands I spent a lot of time scribbling into a flimsy orange paper notebook I had bought at a bus station back in Brazil. There had been a wild storm the night before where I had been the most physically frightened of the forces of nature I had ever been in my life. It wasn’t however the outside that frightened me the most, the storm within my soul was louder and more forceful than it had ever been. There was a rising crescendo of violence which culminated all the energy that had been building in me since I was eight years old. It was dark, excruciating and it was irrevocable. I was giving birth to a newer version of myself that night and this experience was one of my many awakenings that I would reflect on in therapy in the years that followed. It shook me to my bones and the stillness when I woke up was something I had never experienced before. The waters were clear and the sky was the purest blue I had ever seen but the feeling didn’t come from what I could see with my eyes. Something had shifted in me deep in my core. Something I now know follows a dark night of the soul.

That next morning on the little boat as I stared into the abyss I dreamt up this idea of having a beautiful home where people feeling like I did could all come together and connect on a much deeper level than I could even dream of. I wrote it all out in the flimsy orange paper notebook. Even though I believe Nurse The Soul has been within me since childhood, this moment was the conscious beginning of Nurse The Soul.

I don’t share much apart from a few pictures of my cats here and there on social media but I wanted to share this all with you as what is happening this year for Nurse The Soul is very special and created with my whole heart. After lockdown, or as I like to call it, another dark night of the soul, we are slowly opening a new and much larger premises with 12 rooms where we will be offering Psychotherapy, Group Work, Women’s Circles, Crafting, Drumming Circles, Book Clubs, Meditation Classes, Yoga, Art Therapy, Moon Circles, Animal Medicine, Inner Child work, Self Love Workshops, Shadow Work Therapy Groups, Mentoring For The Wounded Healer, Guest Rooms for longer term retreat work and much much more. This will be happening later in the year or perhaps the beginning of next year. We are sorting out the last leg of all our hard work now. When I say our hard work, I mean mine and my husband’s. We met through the therapy world and on our first date we talked about our dreams of opening retreats in London and Ibiza. We have been working on this together for three and a half years now and at times have been reclusive and selfish whilst we’ve needed to work on the foundations involved. We wanted to create something on very solid ground that was a direct and honest reflection of what we believe in and for this reason it had to happen very slowly and softly over time. There have been lots of trials and tribulations along the way but we are nearly there now. We also aren’t officially married yet either, we hope to make it official after we are settled in our new premises, but we began calling each other husband and wife from very early in our relationship and are very much married to each other in our souls. I believe us coming together creatively and this now beginning to manifest is a true reflection of the inner marriage I have been working on for the past 10 years.

I hope that our new Nurse The Soul premises will give you all the space to heal your own inner child, find the love you are searching for and nurse your souls into your own unique truth and wholeness.

For now please see our online offerings that we are sharing with you at present.

With love,



Just a little look into our lock down meditation and yoga! Alchemy loves when we get the yoga mats out for some reason and always falls straight to sleep. Perhaps it’s the sounds of Papatūānuku or the Palo Santo burning.